Miles Reber – Major General, United States Army

The grandson of General Nelson Appleton Miles, he graduated from West Point in 1923 and served in World War II in the Engineers. He was subsequently the Deputy Chief of Legislative Division of the War Department in 1943. He was buried in the Miles Mausoleum in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery on December 14, 1976.

Courtesy of Charles Reber: January 2006



Miles Reber was born at Washington, D.C., March 27, 1902. He was graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, and commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers, June 12, 1923.

His first assignment was to Fort Humphreys, Virginia, where he was graduated from the Engineer School in January 1924. He enrolled in Cornell University in June 1925, and received a degree in Civil Engineering a year later.

His next assignment was at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, where he served with the 3rd Engineers until July 1929.  His next assignment was at Fort Humphreys in the Extension Course Department at the Engineer School.  He was assigned additionally as military aide at the White House in June 1930.

From August 1932, to July 1936, he was instructor at the U.S. Military Academy in the Department of Civil and Military Engineering and in the Department of Tactics.  In March 1937, he moved to Louisville, Kentucky, as military assistant, Louisville Engineering District. While serving in that capacity, he was placed in charge of the Flood Control Section of the District Office.

He was ordered to Washington, D.C. in December 1938, as assistant to the chief  of River and Harbor Section, Office of the Chief of Engineers.  He later served as assistant chief, Construction Section, and assistant chief, Operations Branch.  Six months later he assumed the duties of assistant chief of the Legislative and Liaison Division, Office of the Chief of Staff.  He became Division Engineer, Mississippi River Division, Omaha, Nebraska, in September 1943.

The following December he returned to Washington, where he was assigned as chief, Contract Termination Branch, Readjustment Division, Army Service Forces, until March 1944, when he again became assistant chief of the Legislative and Liaison Division.  In January 1945, he became deputy chief of that division.  He attended the first semester of the National War College, 1947-48 class, after which he returned to his duties with the Legislative and Liaison Division.  He completed the last semester of the National War College in June 1949, and resumed his position with the Legislative and Liaison Division.

The following February the division was redesignated the Office of Legislative Liaison, with General Reber retaining his position as deputy chief.  He was appointed chief August 1950.

General Reber was named Commanding General, Western Area Command, US Army, Europe in November 1953.

General Reber retired December 31, 1955.

He has been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit and Army Commendation Ribbon.


He was promoted to First Lieutenant November 16, 1927; to Captain August 1, 1935; to Major July 1, 1940; to Lieutenant Colonel December 24, 1941; to Colonel July 7, 1942; to Brigadier General May 28, 1944; to Major General  February 13, 1951.


MILES REBER was the son of Samuel Reber and Cecelia Sherman Miles, the daughter of General Nelson A. Miles and Mary Sherman.

Miles was born 27 Mar 1902 in Washington, D.C. and died 24 November 1976 in Washington, D.C. He married Julia Stott 19 June 1943. She was born 24 September 1910 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died 25 Jun 2002 in Northampton, Pensylvania.

Miles was a Major General in the US Army and was Chief of Congressional Liaison during the McCarthy hearings. Their child is: Margaret Jocelyn Reber.

Chief of Information, United States Army, 5 August 1950-30 September 1953

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