Nathan Andrew Greer – American Expeditionary Force – World War I

Submitted by his son, William Greer:

Born in Belleview Tennessee, 1895. Died at St. Petersburg Florida, 1986. Served under the command of Brigadier General Frank Parker, Company “F” 18th Infantry, Serial Number 4001183.

Headquarters Eighteenth Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces, Mogendorf,Germany, June 17, 1919


Under the provisions of G.H.Q,A.E.F.,the following named officers and enlisted men of this command are authorized to wear Victory Medals with the number of battle clasps or bronze stars for the Major Operations and the number of silver stars for the citations designated after their respective names:

Name Number Company
Nathan A. Greer 4001183 “F”

Montdidier-noyon No Aisne- Marne No Saint Mihiel No Meuse- Argonne Yes Defensive sector Yes Citations: G.O.5, Hq. 1st. Inf. Brig. 6/1/19

By order of Colonel Hunt

P.K. Kelly Captain & Adjutant, 18th. Infantry

He recieved 2 battle stars, one silver star and French Fouragurre

Mike, I have many things he brought home, such as 2 gas masks, his helmet, medals, his Bible and a calender booklet that is dated 1917. We are not sure how he earned the silver star, but there is a picture in the scrapbook, of a group of soldiers. He noted, that they were called, the suicide squad. I'll copy this note for you.

“When Armistice was signed on 11-11-1918, we started to Coblenz Germany, we got to the border, there was a big stone fence and an iron gate. Two German soldiers with white flags let us through. About 40 of us with pickets on each side. About 100 yards from us and one in front. We got about 1/2 mile and nothing happened, so I looked back and saw General Parker and Gertrude Ely coming and they looked like 100,000 soldiers coming. A long hard trip with 125lbs. of equipment on our backs. Signed: Nathan A. Greer Co. F 18th. Infantry.”

Miss Gertrude Ely of Bryne Mawr, Pennsylvania, a Y.M.C.A. worker, was the first American woman to cross the Rhine with the American army of occupation. She marched at the head of the column just behind General Frank Parker and his officers with the 18th. Infantry, 1st. Division.

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