Ned Schramm – Colonel, United States Air Force

Ned Schramm was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, October 3, 1922 the son of Brigadier General and Margaret Doxey Schramm. He attended Baldwin Junior High School in Montgomery, Alabama, Hampton High School in Hampton, VA, and Millard’s Preparatory School in Washington, DC. He entered West Point via a senatorial appointment from the State of Washington.

At West Point, Ned was active in the Chess Club, Ski Club, Camera Club, and the Concert Orchestra. In 1941, he won class numerals for gymnastics, high bar, and, in 1942, an Academy monogram for gymnastics, rings, and tumbling.

On 4 June 1943, Ned married Virginia Rambo in Mountain City, Tenessee. They have one daughter, Virginia Lee, born on 31 Mar 1944.

Ned joined the Army Air Force upon graduation. In WWII, he served as a fighter pilot with the 1st Air Commandos in the China Burma India Theater. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal.

During the Korean War, he was with Headquarters of the Twentieth Air Force in Okinawa from 1951–53 and received the Bronze Star.

From 1949–51, Ned attended the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson AFB, receiving a BS equivalent degree.

He attended the Air Command and Staff College in 1953. In 1958, he attended the University of Southern California and earned an MBA in industrial management.

In 1958–59, Ned was with Headquarters, First Missile Division, Strategic Air Command and received a Commendation Medal.

From 1960–62, he was with the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations.

During 1962–63, he served with the Weapons System Evaluation Group. In 1963, he was with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and received another Commendation Medal.

Retiring from the U.S. Air Force as a colonel in 1963, Ned worked with the Autonetics Division of North American Aviation for 3½ years.

Subsequently, he was with TRW Systems in Redondo Beach, California, in market research. In 1976, he became Vice President of Ames Associates, Inc. In 1978, he formed his own company and became President of Schramm Associates, Inc. in Falls Church, Virginia. He died in Tysons Corner, Virginia on October 16, 1980 and was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

May he rest in peace.

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