Oliver Dorrance Kinsman – Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

Adjtant Oliver D. Kinsman, enlisted as Sergeant Major, promoted to Second Lieutenant Company K. 1 January 1861; promoted to First Lieutenant, 16 March 1863; Captain and Adjutant, United States Volunteers, 31 August 1864; breveted Major, United States Volunteers, 13 March 1864. breveted Lieuenant Colonel, United States Volunteers in 1866.

Adjutant Oliver D. Kinsman Clinton, Iowa. Commissioned on July 2, 1863, 11th Iowa Volunteer Infantry.

Book: “A Loyal Man in Florida, 1858-1861” by By Oliver D. Kinsman. Kinsman, Oliver Dorrance, 1835. “A Loyal Man In Florida,” 1858-1861. Prepared by Companion Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Oliver D. Kinsman and read at the stated meeting of May 4, 1910. Washington, 1910.

Colonel Kinsman was born on 18 February 1835 in Portland, Maine, and served throughout the Civil War in Iowa units.  After the war, he apparently resided in Washington, D.C. where he died in 1927.  He was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.  His wife, Emma M. L. Kinsman (1851-1920), “Father Into Thy Hands,” is buried with him.


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