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Remembering The Lost

United In Memory: 11 September 2001

The following victims of the terror attack on the Pentagon
on 11 September 2001have been laid to rest in
Arlington National Cemetery

The Pentagon With A Funeral Caisson in The Foreground
A Funeral caisson near the still-smoldering Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery

Pentagon Attack Memorial PHOTO
A memorial in Section 64 of Arlington National Cemetery where many of the victims of the attack on
the Pentagon are being laid to rest.
Photos Courtesy of Katrina Garland

ANC With Pentagon In Background PHOTO
Smoke Drifts From The Pentagon Toward Arlington National Cemetery
11 September 2001

Pentagon From Section 64, Arlington National Cemetery
Photo By M. R. Patterson, July 2002
The Pentagon From Section 64 Of Arlington National Cemetery.
Many of the Military victims of the terrorist attack are at rest in Section 64.

Section 64 Arlington National Cemetery PHOTO
Section 64, Arlington National Cemetery

Victims of the Terrorist Attack on The Pentagon
11 September 2001
Craig Scott Amundson, Specialist, United States Army
Max Bielke, Master Sergeant, United States Army
Kris Romeo Bishundat, Systems Technician, United States Navy
Mary Jane Booth, United States Army Spouse & September 11 Victim
Jose Orlando Calderon, Sr., Sergeant, United States Army
Canfield D. Boone, Colonel, United States Army
Charles Frank Burlingame III, Captain, United States Navy - American Air Lines Flight 77 Pilot
Angelene C. Carter, Army Spouse & Government Employee
John J. Chada, Sergeant, United States Army
Rosemary Chapa, Military Spouse & Government Employee
Julian T. Cooper, Contractor, United States Navy
Eric Allen Cranford, Commander, United States Navy
Ada Davis, Department of the Army
Gerald G. DeConto, Captain, United States Navy
Charles Droz, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy & Company President
Patrick Dunn, Commander, United States Navy
Robert Randolph Elseth, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
Dana Falkenberg, Civilian Child - Unidentified
Amelia Virginia Fields, Military Spouse & Government Employee
Sandra Hill Foster, Army Spouse And Government Employee
Richard Peter Gabriel, Sr., First Lieuetnant, United States Marine Corps
Lawrence D. Getzfred, Captain, United States Navy
Ronald Golinski, Colonel, United States Army - Unidentified
Carolyn Halmon, Military Spouse & Government Employee
Ronald J. Hemenway, United States Navy - Unidentified
Wallace Cole Hogan, Jr., Major, United States Army
Jimmie Ira Holley, Sergeant, United States Army (Retired) Government Employee
Stephen Neil Hyland, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
Robert Joseph Hymel, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force
Lacey B. Ivory, Sergeant Major, United States Army
 Dennis M. Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
Michael Scott Lamana, Lieutenant, United States Navy
Stephen Vernon Long, Major, United States Army
James T. Lynch, Navy Employee - Unidentified
Dean E. Mattson, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
Timothy J. Maude, Lieutenant General, United States Army
Patricia E. Mickley, Government Employee
Ronald D. Milam, Major, United States Army
Gerald P. Moran, United States Navy (Ret) & Government Employee
Brian Anthony Moss, Petty Officer Second Class, United States Navy
Patrick Jude Murphy, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
Clifford Patterson, Jr., Major, United States Army
Deborah A. Ramsaur, Military Spouse & Government Employee
Rhonda Ridge Rasmussen, Department of the Army Employee - Unidentified
Robert Erroll Russell, Sr., Sergeant Major, United States Army
Charles E. Sabin, Captain, United States Army - Government Employee
Marjorie Champion Salamone, Army Spouse & Government Employee
David Scales, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
Robert Allan Schlegel, Commander, United States Navy
Janice Marie Scott, Army Spouse & Government Employee
Michael L. Selves, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
Dan F. Shanower, Commander, United States Navy
Gregg Harold Smallwood, Chief Information Systems Technician, United States Navy
Gary F. Smith, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
Mari-Rae Sopper, Lieutenant (Retired), United States Navy - Aboard Flight 77
Larry L. Strickland,Sergeant Major, United States Army
Kip Paul Taylor, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
Karl W. Teepe, United States Army Retired & Government Employee
Otis Vincent Tolbert, Lieuenant Commander, United States Navy
Ronald James Vauk, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
Meta Fuller Waller, Military Widow & Government Employee
Chin Sun Pak Wells, Specialist, United States Army
Maudlyn White, Sergeant, United States Army
Sandra White, Army Spouse & Government Employee
David L. Williams, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
Dwayne Williams, Major, United States Army
Marvin Roger Woods, Chief, United States Navy
John D. Yamnicky, Sr., Captain, United States Navy - Aboard American Flight 77
Donald McArthur Young, ITC, United States Navy
Terrorist Attack On The Pentagon: 11 September 2001
News Articles Regarding Funerals

Unidentified Pentagon Victims Laid To Rest At Arlington National Cemetery

Pentagon Memorial Service At Arlington National Cemetery (Photos)

Photos of the Memorial Service By Katrina Garland

Remembering The Pentagon Victims: 11 September 2004

Friday, August 16, 2002
Government to Bury Unidentifiable Remains
Unidentifiable remains of victims of the September 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, the military said Friday.

The September 12, 2002, ceremony will hold special significance for families of five people whose remains have never been identified, said Colonel Jody Draves, a spokeswoman for the Military District of Washington, which oversees the cemetery.

The service will include burial of the cremated ashes of all remains not linked to a particular victim, as well as some remains which were identified that family members asked to be included.

"The intent is not as a memorial service but as a group burial for victims not identified," Draves said.

The Pentagon attack killed 189 people: 125 in the Pentagon and 64 aboard American Airlines Flight 77. Remains of the five hijackers on the flight have been separated from those of the victims.

The five victims whose remains have not been identified include:

Retired Army Colonel Ronald Golinski, a civilian Pentagon worker
Navy ET1 Ronald Henanway
Rhonda Rasmussen, a civilian worker for the Army
Jack T. Lynch, a civilian worker for the Navy

Dana Falkenberg, a passenger on Flight 77

Pentagon Emergency Response 9-11-01 PATCH
From the collection of Michael Robert Patterson

. 2001 The Record (Bergen County, NJ), Photo By Thomas E. Franklin, Staff Photographer. Photo Taken On September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center and Published In The Record On September 12, 2001
© 2001 The Record (Bergen County, NJ)
Photo By Thomas E. Franklin, Staff Photographer
Photo Taken On September 11, 2001 At The World Trade Center
and Published in The Record on September 12, 2001.
Used By Special Permission
Click On The Photo For More Infomation About It

Pentagon Victim's Memorial PHOTO

Pentagon Victim's Memorial PHOTO
Photos By M. R. Patterson, 27 June 2003

September 11, 2001

Lady Liberty is weeping.
Her "huddled masses" pray,
As disbelief enfolds us
On this our darkest day.

As glass and steel is shattered
And thousands lose their life
All the values that have mattered
Become our common strife.

This is a different conflict;
One of LOVE against deep HATE
That cripples all the world
And must be won before too late.

Remember September nine (9) eleven (11)
The day we fell on our knees
And turned our face to heaven
With our imploring pleas.

We know there will be victory
Because our cause is LOVE
And we have a direct line to Him;
It's nine one one, Above.

Esther B. Gates

Playing: America, The Beautiful

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