People Buried in Arlington National Cemetery

People who die from natural causes or in cases such as accidents, wars or drug abuse are there every day. Therefore, it is important to deal with this issue to understand that life will not always be easy. In this category we will explain in a few words the most important facts about deceased persons, resting places such as the Arlington National Cemetery and who has what right to what resting place.

What are deceased persons?

A deceased person is a human being from the moment of his death until the expiration of his post-mortem personality protection. The memory of the deceased is protected from disparagement under criminal law. After the burial or finding of a lifeless missing person, one (also) speaks of a dead person. The term deceased must be distinguished from the term corpse, which refers only to the body.

What is the dying process and when does it begin?

When people are dying due to the natural aging process or a serious illness, they go through the incipient dying process. In contrast to the sudden death caused, for example, by a fatal accident in a war to a military service member or veteran, the natural dying process extends over a longer period of time. This is divided into the phases of dying, in which certain signs of impending death can often be identified.

What individuals are buried in Arlington National Cemetery?

Primarily buried at Arlington National Cemetery are deceased persons who died in a military action, or their family members. However, presidents such as Kennedy family William Howard Taft, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, world boxing champion Joe Louis, the seven Space Shuttle Challenger astronauts and the Tuskegee Airmen are also buried.

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