Perry M. DeLeon – Assistant Paymaster, Confederate States of America Navy

Courtesy of Buzz Solomon: October 2009

DeLeon was born Isaac DeLeon Moses in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1841. He attended the College of South Carolina in 1858. He left Federal service (details unknown) in 1860, returning to Charleston.

He joined Hamptons Legion in 1861 and served with his brother Abraham from First Manassas through the Peninsula  Campaign.  He was seconded to  the Navy Department and appointed as an Assistant Paymaster on October 20, 1862.

Subsequently he served aboard the CSS Harriet Lane, CSS Savannah, and CSS Sono, participating in the Johnsons Island Expedition, the abortive attempt to free CSA POWs from the Johnsons Island Prison.

His name was changed to Perry M. DeLeon by the Superior Court of South Carolina in November 1863 (reason unknown). He last saw combat aboard the CSS Albemarle in the Battles of Plymouth, North Carolina, and Albemarle Sound, April 1864.  He was paroled in Norfolk, Virginia, on April 30, 1865.

Following the war, he became a successful businessman and served in consular posts in Colon, Columbia and Guayaquil, Ecuador. He was active in a number of veterans organization, where he often gave speeches on his experiences during the war.

He died on September 17, 1922  in Washington, D. C. and was subsequently interred in Arlington National Cemetery.

Perry M. DeLeon, Assistant Paymaster; involved in Johnson’s Island expedition, late 1863; CSS Albemarle, July, 1864.

Navies in war and the Confederate Navy in the War between the States: An address delivered before Camp 171, United Confederate Veterans of Washington, D.C. Author: Perry M DeLeon. ISBN: B00087AO7O

Military record of the DeLeon family and of Captain Perry M. DeLeon. Author: Perry M DeLeon. ISBN: B0007JBEA4.

Perry M. DeLeon was born in 1837 in South Carolina.  During the 1880 United States Census he resided by himself (being single) at Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, and was employed as a merchant.

Date: 11 September 1897 Correspondence dated September 1897 received by Robert S. Chilton, Chief of U.S. Consular Bureau. Correspondents include Perry M. De Leon regarding the consular posts of Colon, Columbia and Guayaquil, Ecuador; William J. Brandt regarding the death of A. C. Brandt; T. N. Burke, U.S. Consul in Tangier, Morocco with reference to President Grover Cleveland’s executive order of 1895 on consular regulations; and W. P. Armstrong of the Treasury Department.

Perry M. DeLeon changed his name from J. Calhoun Moses. He served as a paymaster in the Confederate States Navy during the Civil War.


  • DATE OF DEATH: 09/17/1922


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