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There is no listing of all of those buried in Arlington National Cemetery available to the public on the Internet.

Those buried or entombed in Arlington National Cemetery (and their families) are protected by the various Federal Privacy Laws and Regulations.  It is for this reason that we cannot provide specific information regarding individuals who lie at rest in Arlington via the Internet to the general public.

Should you desire to obtain information about such a person, it is required that you submit your request for such information in writing to Cemetery officials.  This request should contain specifics as to why you believe that the desired information should be released to you.

Your written request may be sent to:

Administrative Building
Arlington, Virginia  22211
Attn: Freedom of Information Request Officer
Or Call:  703-607-8585
NOTE: Requests for information about individuals appearing within the biographical sections of this website may be made by clicking on the following link:

Publicly Available Information

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