Rex A. Sines – Sergeant, United States Army

Tomorrow, the nation will bury another veteran. Not  a hero, not a brilliant military mind, just another proud American, an enlisted man, who served his country and tried to serve his family.

Rex A. Sines,  born on October 31, 1921, in Brewster, Washington, died on  May 15, 2001 in his sleep, in his own bed, in his most recent home in Roswell, Georgia.  His five children,  two former wives, 10 grandchildren and three  great-grandchildren survive him.

A 20 year Army  veteran of both World War II and Korea, no medals  to speak off, no real acts of heroism, unless you count raising five kids on a Sergeant's pay in  Washington, DC., waking them up for school by humming reveille at full volume, beating up monsters in their closets and having none of his children end up in jail.

We will miss him, his Scotch-laced guitar, Johnny Cash impressions and his ability to
never let the facts interfere with a good story.

If you drive by Arlington National Cemetery tomorrow, take a second and say, ”Thank You” to him and the multitude of other veterans buried there. The leisure of your drive is from them. One more to beam up, Scotty. Goodby, Dad.

Donald Sines

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