Richardson Clover – Rear Admiral,United States Navy

Rear Admiral Richardson Clover (July 11, 1846 – October 14, 1919) was an officer of the United States Navy.

Born in Hagerstown, Maryland, he entered the United States Naval Academy in July 1863 and graduated in 1867. He had a varied career in the service including being in command of the Coast and Geodetic steamer Patterson, which made surveys in southeastern Alaska in 1885 to 1886. Years later, he was appointed Chief Intelligence Officer of the Office of Naval Intelligence from November 1897 to May 1898 and then again from October 1898 to February 1900.

While on his first term as Chief Intelligence Officer, then-Cmdr. Clover was also member of the War and Strategy Board established by the Secretary of the Navy John D. Long to provide him with operational and strategic advice. One of the members of that board was Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt. However, when the Spanish-American War broke out, Clover left his position to take active combat position as commanding officer of the gunboat USS Bancroft from May to September 1898.

After his stint on the Bancroft Clover resumed his duties as Chief Intelligence Officer until February 1900, then was reassigned as the Naval Attache at the U.S. Embassy in London from April 1900 to June 1903, during which he was promoted to captain on April 11, 1902. After a short hiatus at home he became the commanding officer of the USS Wisconsin from January 1904 to December 1905, while almost the same time becoming the Chief-of-Staff of the US Asiatic Fleet. Then after a one-year hiatus he became a member, then the president of the Board of Inspection and Survey from February 1907 to July 1908, during which he was promoted to rear admiral. He retired on July 11, 1908.

Clover was married to the former Mary Eudora Miller, who was the daughter of Senator John F. Miller from California. His daughter, Beatrice Miller Clover, married to General Thomas Holcomb, who served as Commandant of the United States Marine Corps during the early part of World War II.

He died in Wyoming while on route from San Francisco, California, to Washington, DC. He is buried with his wife in Arlington National Cemetery.

Richardson Clover was born at Saint James' College, Hagerstown, Maryland, 11 July 1846, the son of Reverend Lewis P. and Sarah Ann (Ackerman) Clover. He married Mary Eudora Miller, daughter of late Senator John F. Miller, 19 May 1886. Clover died 14 October 1919 in Wyoming while en route between San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Clover received appointment to the United States Naval Academy from Missouri, 29 July 1863 and was there from July 1863 to June 1867. Appointed Ensign, December 18, 1868, Master March 21, 1870, Lieutenant, Mar 21, 1871, Lieutenant Commander, May 19, 1891, Commander, September 4, 1897; Captain, 11 April 1902; Rear Admiral, 8 November 1907 and placed on the retired list, 11 July 1908.

Clover served in various stations and departments with 22 years of sea service. In charge of survey of Southeast Alaska, 1885-86. He was a member of the War and Strategy Board, March-May 1898; Commander, USS Bancroft, North Atlantic Squadron, May-September 1898; Chief, Office of Naval Intelligence, October 1898-March 1900; Naval Attache, U.S. Embassy, London, April 1900-June 1903; home and awaiting orders, June-November 1903; Commander, USS Wisconsin, Asia Fleet, January 1904-December 1905; Chief-of-Staff, Asia Fleet, March 1904-December 1905; waiting orders, January 1906-January 1907; member, then president, Board of Inspection and Survey, February 1907-July 1908. Section 2, Grave 949.

His wife, Mary Eudora Miller Clover, July 26, 1860-May 16, 1920, is buried with him.

Retired Veteran of 41 Years’ Service Was On His Way From California to Washington

NEW YORK, October 16, 1919 – A telegram was received in this city yesterday by Superintendent George F. Clover of St. Luke’s Hospital that his brother, Rear Admiral Richardson Clover, retied, had died on the Overland Limited, while enroute from California to his home in Washington, D.C.  At the time of his death, which was due to nephritis, the train was approaching Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Admiral Clover, who was 73 years old, had been suffering from heart disease for several years.

It is believed that the change in the air during the passage over the mountains was too great s strain for him.  The funeral services will be held in Washington following arrival of the body there.  With him on the train at the time were his wife, who was Miss Dora Miller, daughter of the late United States Senator John F. Miller of California, and their daughter, Miss Dora Clover.

Rear Admiral Clover was graduated from Annapolis in 1867, and had a long and distinguished career in the service, including twenty-two years of sea duty.  He was in charge of the survey of Southeast Alaska in 1885-1886, Chief of the Naval Intelligence Office in 1897, commanded the Bancroft in the Spanish War, was Naval Attaché at London from 1906 until his retirement two years later, he was President of the Board of Inspection and Survey.

He was a member of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, and the Military Order of Foreign Wars.  His clubs in this city were the University and the New York Yacht.  His home address in Washington was 1535 New Hampshire Avenue.





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