Richard Cole – Tech Sergeant, United States Air Force

From a contemporary news report:

“On October 27, 1994, the Air Force announced that they had identified the remains of thirteen servicemen killed during the Vietnam War, including twelve who were on an AC-130A shot down over the A-Shau Valley on June 18, 1972. According to a news report from Travis Air Force Base, California, three of the twelve members of the crew (Major Gerald F. Ayers, Captain Mark Danielson and Senior Master Sergeant Jacob Mercer) had ben individually identified and the nine other crew members (Tech Sergeant Richard Cole, Captain Paul GilbertMajor Robert HarrisonSergeant Leon HuntSergeant Donald KlinkeSergeant Stanley Lehrke, Sergeant Larry Newman, Sergeant Richard Nyhof and Captain Robert Wilson) had been ‘identified’ as a group.

“On November 17, 1994, a group burial of the co-mingled remains of the AC-130 crew was held at Arlington National Cemetery.

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