I Remember

I remember you as a baby.
My son…my first born,
Your curly red hair,
Your toothless smile
Your bear -hugs for Mommie.
My Pride and My Joy!

I remember you as a child.
Your love for life.
Your constant reading about
And playing “Army Man”.
Such interest in the military you had!
My pride and My Joy!

I remember you as a teenager
Always striving for physical perfection.
Increasing you military knowledge.
Always reading…always planning.
Planning and reading about the Army.
Your Pride…Your future! My Pride…My Joy!

I remember you as a man
Working hard to succeed.
To be the best RANGER you could be.
Always pushing yourself and others.
Always giving more than necessary.
Your Pride..My Pride Your Joys..My Joys

I remember the day you died
Doing what you loved.
Leading from the front.
All your dreams shattered.
Your life just stopped.
My Pride…taken away
My Joy…now sadness
I remember you most of all with love

….. Mom

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