Robert L. Guillaudeu – Colonel, United States Army

Robert L. Guillaudeu of McLean, Virginia, died February 29, 2000.

Dr. Guillaudeu earned his Ph.B. from the University of Chicago in 1943 and his M.D. in 1949 from Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Surviving family includes his children and wife, Virginia Ide Guillaudeu. In
recognition of Dr. Guillaudeu's career as a Colonel in the United States Army, he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on March 24, 2000.


Colonel Guilleudeu In Korea.

Guillaudeu, Robert L

  • Born 6 June 1923
  • Died 29 February 2002
  • Buried 24 March 2002
  • US Army, COLONEL
  • Plot: 6-N 14 2

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