Robert Morris Rogers – Captain, United States Army

Robert Morris Rogers

Captain, United States Army
Private, West Virginia Cavalry, 1861-62
5th West Virginia and 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry1863,
Graduated United States Military Academy, 1869 (?)
Lieutenant and Captain,
2nd US Army Cavalry, United States Army, 1906.
Section 1, Arlington National Cemetery

“A Devoted Friend
A Man Of Honor
A Good Soldier”

Courtesy of Michael T. Stein:

Major Robert Morris Rogers (1842-1906)
Born in Pennsylvania

Private 3rd West Virginia Cavalry 1861-62
Second Lieutenant 5th West Virginia Infantry 1862
First Lieutenant 73rd Ohio Infantry 1862-63
Honorably mustered out of the Volutneer Service November 11, 1863

Cadet, US. Military Academy 1863-67
Second Lieutenant June 17, 1867
First Lieutenant April 13, 1870
Retired as Major February 2, 1901

Served with 2d Artillery 1867-1871

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