Robert Webster Pickett – EW-1, United States Navy

Information received in January 1999 from Ed Pickett.
Additional Information Provided By Leigh Ann Pickett

Robert died at the age of 28 after a battle with brain cancer.

Robert was born in Arlington, Virginia. He entered the United States Navy right out of high school and into the Electronic Warfare program. After two years of Naval service school he was detailed to the USS Coral Sea.

He served on the Coral Sea for a Western Pacific cruise. The carrier was then transferred to Norfolk for re-fit where Robert remained. He continued to serve on the Coral Sea and as a result went on a major Atlantic/Medeterrian/Indian Ocean cruise.

When Robert returned to the states he was sent to advanced naval service school and it was at that time his brain tumor was discovered (approx 1986). After two years of surgery, treatments, etc, he was given a medical retirement in 1988. He passed on a year later.

I am still gathering information concerning his acheivments as a Naval Petty Officer. I just want to ensure I am accurate before I forward info on his decorations.

Robert is the Great Great Grandson of Major Charles F. Pickett. Charles was Major General George E. Pickett's only brother and was also on Pickett's staff beginning in 1862.

Robert and Dorenda are survived by a daughter, Kailyn Morgan Pickett. She is was born on Septemeber 13, 1984.

Webmaster note: Another relative Major George Edward Pickett, Jr., Major, United States Army, is also buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Retired June 1988
DOB 21 July 1961
DOD 28 September 1989
Section 66 Grave 7397, Arlington National Cemetery
His widow,  Dorenda Pickett, was  interred on 7 July 1994

rwpickett-gravesite-02-062703 rwpickett-gravesite-062703

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