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Robert V. McMaugh
Corporal, United States Marine Corps
 Virginia State Flag
Beirut, Lebanon - 18 April 1983

Occurred at about 1300 (1:00 pm Lebanon Time) on April 18th, 1983. It was Carried out by a terrorist driving a van, reportedly stolen from the Embassy in June 1982.

The van carried a 2,000-pound load of explosives, tearing through the front portion of the seven (7) story building. 

Most of the victims were at lunch and were killed by the collapsing building. Killed were 63 occupants of the building, 17 of whom were Americans. One Marine was killed, Corporal Robert V. McMaugh, of Manassas, Virginia, an Embassy Guard. One journalist was killed - Janet Lee Stevens. Several State Department officials were killed, including three USAID employees. The entire U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Middle East contingent were killed. Several Army trainers were killed.

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Posted: 3 November  2007
Purple Heart Medal

RV McMaugh Gravesite PHOTO October 2007
Photo By M. R. Patterson, October 2007