James Schimberg – Specialist 5, United States Army

Born on December 14, 1942, he was from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Courtesy of the Defense News Agency: 26 February 1999

More than 2,000 Vietnam-era soldiers remain missing, and an Army laboratory is working on identifying several hundred sets of remains. The new DNA analysis means that it is theoretically possible to identify virtually any recovered body if the military can find likely living relatives and compare their genetic material, officials said.

That's what has been happening with the remains being repatriated from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, including two Army soldiers being buried at Arlington this morning. Captain Thaddeus E. Williams Jr. and Specialist 5 James Schimberg have been missing since their helicopter went down over Phu Yen province in Vietnam in 1966, and the Army lab was recently able to link them conclusively to remains brought back to this country in 1993, Army officials said.


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