Scott E. Groeschner – Lieuenant Commander, United States Navy

Contemporary news reports of the Commander's passing have been removed at the specific request of his wife, G. Michelle Groeschner.

I feel that you provide a beautiful gift to uncounted individuals—those you honor, and those who read about them.

I know that you are abiding by a specific request from my sister-in-law to remove information about my brother.

There was a memorial service yesterday, December 16, 2004, in Little Creek, Virginia, where there were several hundred Navy personnel in attendance, many of whom were his fellow SEALS. Scott will be buried in Arlington on December 23, 2004. I hope that there will be some further news article for you to find and post under his name so that he can be remembered for who he was and what he accomplished with his life.

I do not know if there is any way for you to post anything further without going against Michelle’s wishes, but there are many people who are disappointed that his bio-line is empty at present.

There is so much more to Scott that his birthdate, accident, and death. He was a son, brother, friend, uncle, cousin, Notre Dame graduate, football fan, cycling enthusiast, Harley Davidson biker, a wine connoisseur, and many other things. He was ambitious, goal-oriented, caring, giving, loving, intelligent, funny, stubborn, and many other things to lots of people. He touched so many people in his lifetime, and probably accomplished more in 36 years than most people do in 72.

Please see if you can post anything about Scott, as it is just not fair for there to be nothing written after his name. Thank you for the service that you provide to the memory of some of our country’s veterans.

Please feel free to contact me if you have the time.

Maria Ramsey
(sister to Scott Edward Groeschner, 3 September 1968-11 November 2004)


  • DATE OF BIRTH: 09/03/1968
  • DATE OF DEATH: 11/12/2004

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