Sylvester Kohut, Sr. – Lieutenant, United States Navy

Sylvester Kohut Sr., 87, died May 22, 2001

He was born October 26, 1913, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A retired Navy veteran, he was a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.

He is survived by his sons, Richard and Sylvester Jr.; daughters, Margie and Jeraldine; sister, Anna DeMartz; and two grandsons.

Submitted by Rich Kohut: May 2002

Could you add my fathers name to your list at this web site.

He was a sailor from 1936 till 1966. He served on submarines from 1941 till 1956.

He served in both World War II and in Korea and was awarded the Silver Star for saving his submarine from being crushed during a Japanese depth charge attack. During the attack, the chains came off  the bow plain and he single handedly got them back on – God knows how and saved the sub that was out of control  that was past the depth crush limit.

He was the Torpedo Chief and also the Chief of the Boat. He retired as  a Lieutenant (jg) in 1966.

He loved the United States Navy and the Submarine Service and it was his wish to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, which took place on 13 June 2001.  In addition, a small portion of his ashes were buried at sea off Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, by a United States Navy submarine in June 2001.

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