Stephen C. Leslie – Captain, United States Marine Corps

His stone in Section 59 of Arlington National Cemetery reads:

“Arabian Gulf
May 14, 1957 – April 15, 1985
He will soar on wings like eagles. – Isaih 40, 40, 31.”

April 30, 1985: President Reagan ordered the Navy yesterday to expand its duties in the Persian Gulf to include protecting neutral, noncommunist merchant ships that seek help if attacked, along with vessels flying the U.S. flag.

The thrust of the new orders to skippers of US warships in the gulf, officials said, will be to free them to respond to calls for help from ships in their immediate area but not sail all over the gulf looking for trouble. The officials did not spell out exactly how and when the new policy will be implemented, on grounds that this would clarify US intentions for would-be attackers. The extension of the Navy umbrella will not require additional ships in the gulf, the Pentagon said. The president's order ends more than a week of speculation that the United States would take such a step in the aftermath of clashes 11 days ago in the gulf in which US forces sank or disabled six Iranian vessels.

The Marines lost a Cobra helicopter gunship during the naval battles April 18, 1988. The Marine Corps yesterday listed the two-man crew, Captain Stephen C. Leslie and Capt Kenneth W. Hill, as killed in action, but did not confirm Iran's claim that it shot the craft down. Arabian Gulf.

Leslie, Stephen C.

  • Born 14 May 1957
  • Died 18 April 1988
  • US Marine Corps, Captain
  • Residence: Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Section 59, Grave 1460
  • Buried 24 May 1988

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