The Stokes Family – A Military Tradition

Llewelyn G. Stokes, Brigadier General, United States Army. Major, Assistant Adjutant General, United States Volunteers, Civil War. 1843-1905. Section 3, Arlington National Cemetery.

Julia Whiting Stokes, Wife of Llewelyn G. Stokes. 1842-1912. Section 3, Arlington National Cemetery.

Marcus Butler Stokes, Brigadier General, United States Army. 1867-1943. United States Military Academy, 1892. World War I. Retired 1931. Possible son of Llewelyn G. Stokes.  Born 6 December 1867, died 1944. Section 3, Arlington National Cemetery.

Colonel Marcus Butler Stokes (1867-1944)

Cadet USMA 1888-92
Second Lieutenant June 11, 1892
First Lieutenant April 26, 1898
Major (USV) May 12, 1898
Lieutenant Colonel (USV) October 25, 1898
Honorably mustered out of Volunteers November 10, 1898
Captain February 2, 1901
Colonel July 1, 1920

Served with 10th Infantry Regiment 1892-?
Served with 1st South Carolina Infantry 1898
Served in Havana, Cuba 1898-99
Collector of Customs, Cardenas, Cuba 1899-02
Commanding Officer, Fort St. Michael, Alaska 1906-08
Professor of Military Science & Tactics, Clemson Agricultural College, Clemson, South Carolina 1909-?
Chief of Staff, 6th Corps Area 1928-31.
Retired. December 31st, 1931
Promoted Brigadier General (Retired) June 13, 1940

Anita Hall Stokes, wife of Marcus Butler Stokes. 3 October 1880-1961. Section 3, Arlington National Cemetery.

John Hall Stokes, Colonel, United States Air Force. Born 14 September 1906. Son of Marcus Butler Stokes. Same site in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery. Temporary marker on site. September 15, 1906-July 1, 1993.

Note: Marcus Butler Stokes, Jr., born 2 July 1902, United States Military Academy, 1924. Brigadier General, United States Army, World War II. Section 3, Grave 1432-A, Arlington National Cemetery.

Courtesy of Michael T. Stein:

Brigadier General Marcus Butler Stokes Jr.
Born July 2, 1902 in Virginia
Deceased ?
Cadet US. Military Academy 1920-24
Graduated USMA as No. 7338 Class of 1924

Second Lieutenant 1924
First Lieutenant April 23, 1929
Captain August 1, 1935
Major (AUS) January 31, 1941
Major June 12, 1941
Lieutenant Colonel (AUS) December 24, 1941
Lieutenant Colonel June 12, 1947
Colonel March 25, 1949
Brigadier General 1951

Student Officer, Field Artillery School 1929-30
Served as a Battery Officer, 17th Field Artillery 1930-35
Instructor (Materiel Department), Field Artillery School 1935-37
Student Officer, Command & General Staff School 1937-38
Battery Commander, 15th Field Artillery 1938-39.
Aide-de-Camp to Major General Walter Krueger 1939-41
Served with Transportation Section, G-4 Division, War Department General Staff 1941-42
Served with transportation Section, Service of Supply 1942
Served with Transportation Section, AFHQ (Allied Forces Headquarters, United Kingdom) 1942
Chief of Plans Division, Office of the Chief of Transportation 1942-46
Instructor (Logistics), Command & General Staff School 1946-47
Student, National War College 1947-48
Chief of Transportation, US Army Caribbean 1948-50
Served with Office of the Assistant Army Chief of Staff G-3 (Operations & Training) 1951-54
Retired on disability (Temporary) 1954
Retired on disability 1958

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