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Trevor Nevitt Dupuy
Colonel, United States Army
From a contemporary press report:
Saturday, June 10, 1995 

TREVOR N. DUPUY, 79, a retired U.S. Army colonel who wrote more than 90 books on military history, shot and killed himself at his home in Vienna, Virginia, Monday (June 5, 1995).

Colonel Dupuy had learned three weeks earlier that he had terminal pancreatic cancer.

Dupuy's books include "Hitler's Last Gamble," published last year, "The Compact History of the Civil War" published in 1960 and a series on both world wars.

Earlier, he collaborated with his father, Army Col. R. Ernest Dupuy, on "The Encyclopedia of Military History" and other books.

Some of his texts are required reading at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, from which he graduated.

Dupuy served in Burma during World War II, and served at the Pentagon and in Europe after the war. He also taught in the Reserve Officers Training Program at Harvard and Ohio State universities.

Among the survivors are his wife, Zhang Yun, six sons and three daughters. Burial is scheduled for Monday at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Section 10, Grave 10798

TN Dupuy Book COVER

TN Dupuy Book COVER

TN Dupuy Book COVER

TN Dupuy Book COVER

TN Dupuy Gravesite PHOTO

TN Dupuy Gravesite PHOTO

Trevor N. DuPuy Gravesite PHOTO
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TN DuPuy Gravesite PHOTO

TN DuPuy Gravesite PHOTO
Photos By M. R. Patterson, 2 December 2004