Theodore Eugene Kryszak – Colonel, United States Air Force

November 5, 2004:

After years missing in action, Air Force Colonel Theodore Kryszak of Buffalo, New York, is finally at rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

Colonel Kryszak and six fellow airmen were buried with full military honors, and the United States honored their families for the ultimate sacrifice.

It writes a final chapter for the family of Colonel Kryszak, who was lost in action after crashing in Laos decades ago.

Kryszak’s son Kenneth said, “Closure. It’s been a long time. They crashed in ’66, and here it is 2004, and it’s finally over. We always figured that’s where he was. They finally proved it to our satisfaction, [and] laid him to rest with the honors he deserved.”

Colonel Kryszak and his five fellow crewmen were members of the 4th Air Commando Squadron, which flew missions over the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

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