Thomas Harold Dyer – Captain, United States Navy

Thomas H. Dyer, 82, a retired Navy Captain who as an expert cryptanalyst played a major role in breaking the Japanese naval codes during WWII and helped turn the tide of battle in favor of the United States, died January 5, 1985 of cardio-pulmonary arrrest.

Captain Dyer was in charge of the Navy's cryptanalytic unit at Pearl Harbor during the war. In this role he was one of the leading figures in efforts that led to the decoding of the Japanese main fleet orders during the the weeks before the Battle of Midway.

Captain, United States Navy, Retired 1955. World War II, Korea. Buried in Section 66, Grave Number 4787. Born 23 May 1902 and died 05 January 1985. His widow, Edith M. Dyer, was interred on 19 December 1995.



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