Thomas Henderson Scott, Jr. Major General, United States Army

Major General Thomas Henderson Scott Jr, U.S. Army

Cadet, U.S. Military Academy 1936-40
Graduated as No. 11936, Class of 1940

  • Second Lieutenant 1940
  • First Lieutenant (AUS) 1941
  • Captain (AUS) 1942
  • Major (AUS) 1944
  • Captain 1948
  • Lieutenant Colonel (AUS) 1950
  • Major 1952
  • Advanced through grades to Major General 1967

Served with 3rd Quartermaster Battalion, Fort Lewis 1940-42 Company Commander & Commander, Headquarters Company, 3rd Quartermaster Battalion 1942 Assistant Division Transportation Officer, 3rd Quartermaster Company, ETO 1942-43 Division Transportation Officer 1943-44 Served with Headquarters, Army Service Forces 1944-45 Assistant Chief of Procurement & Fiscal Procedures Section, Army Service Forces 1945 Served with Army General Staff 1945-47 Assistant Chief of Unification Control Office, Office of the Army Chief of Staff 1947-48 Assistant Secretary of the Army General Staff 1948-50 Served with Quartermaster Section, Headquarters 8th US. Army 1952-53 Commander, Nahbolanbank General Depot 1960-61 Deputy Chief of Staff (Logistics), US. Military Academy 1961-64 Served with Office of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff (Logistics) 1964-65 Director of Supply, Army Material Command 1965-67 Commanding General, 1st Logistical command, Vietnam 1967-68 Deputy Director, Defense Supply Agency 1968-72 Ret. 1972

Legion of Merit

Thomas Henderson Scott, Jr. was born 13 January 1918.  He graduated from the United States Military Academy in the class of 1940.

General Scott died on 10 July 2000 and was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

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