Townsend Woodhull Crittenberger – Corporal, United States Army

Townsend Woodhull Crittenberger, Corporal, United States Army, who was born on May 13, 1925, was killed in action during the Rhine River Crossing on March 25, 1945.

Corporal Crittenberger was the son of Willis D. Crittenberger, Lieutenant General, United States Army, and the brother of Dale Jackson Crittenberger, Colonel, United States Army, who was killed in Vietnam.  All three are buried near one another in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery.

August 17, 1952:

A new elementary school for dependents of military personnel at the Army Armored center at Fort Knox, Kentucky, was named the “Corporal Townsend Woodhull Crittenberger Memorial School” today.  The ceremony was held in honor od a young tank gunner, the third son of the First Army Commander, Lieutenant General Willis D. Crittenberger. Corporal Crittenberger was killed in Germany during World War II.



E-Mail of 11 June 2009:

Dear Mr. Patterson, My girlfriend and me, we went outside for a short walk, some weeks ago. After some minutes, we recognized a strange stone, surrounded by trees. I decided to take a closer look of that stone.

It was a memorial stone, dedicated to Corporal Townsend Woodhull Crittenberger by his friends of the 745th tank battalion. We were very surprised, that we’ve never seen this memorial stone before.

The location of the stone is: Im Keth, 53639 Oberpleis, Germany (very near the bridge across the Autobahn A3).

I thought about this stone again, yesterday. I did some kind of internet research and I found some information about the Corporal and his family on

His father was Lieutenant General Willis Dale Crittenberger. His brother, Colonel Dale Jackson Crittenberger died by a helicopter accident in Vietnam in 1969.

One of my hobbies is Geocaching. Have you ever heard about it? It’s some kind of GPS stash hunt. The goal of this game is to go out and visit places you’ve never been before, but others want to show you. For more information, please visit

To show others the memorial stone of Corporal Townsend Woodhull Crittenberger, I’d like to create an own cache near this site. To tell others about the Corporal Townsend Woodhull Crittenberger, I would like to use some of your photos, you’ve provided on It would be very nice, if you would give the permission to use these photos.

Please find attached two pictures of the memorial stone of Corporal Townsend Woodhull Crittenberger.

If you have any further information about him, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in front and best regards from Germany, Jens Rudzinski

twcrittenberger-germany-memorial-photo-june-2009-001 twcrittenberger-germany-memorial-photo-june-2009-002


  • DATE OF BIRTH: 05/13/1925
  • DATE OF DEATH: 03/22/1945

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