Twenty One Steps – (By Thomas Holmquist)

Arlington where our unknown soldier lies
The place to honor those who gave their lives
Those that died that generations be free
May we remember them through eternity

This Unknown Soldier guarded day and night
By the choice of a few and with all their might
To show mankind their respect and dignity
To those who defended our lives and liberty

Twenty one steps, he takes twenty one steps
Eyes locked in honor for the soldier he guards
And twenty one seconds before he turns
To honor the soldiers who never returned

Twenty one steps until the end of time
For our lost soldiers we cannot find
They gave their lives for you and me
The price paid to preserve our dignity

So let's take twenty one steps, just twenty one steps
Lock our eyes in honor for our soldiers that died
And think for twenty one seconds about their sacrifice
To preserve our freedom and our children's lives.

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