TITLE 32–NATIONAL DEFENSE CHAPTER V–DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PART 553–ARMY NATIONAL CEMETERIES–Table of Contents Sec. 553.21 Monuments and inscriptions at private expense

  • (a) The erection of markers and monuments at private expense to mark graves in lieu of Government headstones and markers is permitted only in sections of Arlington National Cemetery in which private monuments and markers were authorized as of 1 January 1947. These monuments will be of simple design, dignified, and appropriate to a military cemetery. The name of the person(s) or the name of an organization, fraternity, or society responsible for the purchase and erection of the marker will not be permitted on the marker or anywhere else in the cemetery. Approval for the erection of a private monument will be given with the understanding that the purchaser will make provision for its future maintenance in the event repairs are necessary.

The Department of the Army will not be liable for maintenance of or damage of the monument.

  •     (b) Where a monument has been erected to an individual interred in Arlington National Cemetery and the next of kin desires to have inscribed on it the name and appropriate data pertaining to a deceased spouse, parent, son, daughter, brother, or sister whose remains have not  been recovered and who would have been eligible in their own right for burial in Arlington, such inscriptions may be incised on the monument at no expense to the Government. The words “In Memoriam” or “In Memory
    Of” are mandatory elements of these inscriptions.
  • (c) Except as may be authorized for marking group burials, ledger monuments of freestanding cross design, narrow shafts, mausoleums, or overground vaults are prohibited. Underground vaults may be placed at private expense, if desired, at the time of interment
  • (d) Specific instructions concerning private monuments and markers are contained in TM 10-287.

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