Vivian Bono Bryan – Lieutenant, United States Navy

From a contemporary news report

Died on August 12, 1997, at her home in Kensington, Maryland.

Mrs. Bryan was a fourth generation Washingtonian. She attended Western High School in Washington, DC and was twice awarded the City Rifle Marksman Championship. She also assisted with the production of the school newspaper ”The Western Breeze”. She obtained her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Maryland. There she participated in many activities including being President of the Womens Athletic Association.

She entered the first class for WAVE Officers in the Navy at Smith College. She was commissioned as an Ensign in January 1943. Her final duty station during World War II was Ford Instrument Company on Long Island where she served as Admiral Edward Walker, Sr.’s Aide. Ford Instrument Company was closely connected to the Manhattan Project in the development of the Atomic Bomb. Mrs. Bryan was retired in July of 1945 at the rank of Lieutenant due to physical disability.

Mrs. Bryan is survived by her husband, James E. Bryan, Jr.; two daughters, a son, two brothers, and seven grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held at Fort Myer Chapel and interment at Arlington National Cemetery.  She is buried in Section 6 with her sister, Anne Marie Bono Rose, Ensign, United States Navy Nurse Corps (1919-1960)


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