William Bryson Hall – Private, United States Marine Corps

William Bryson Hall

Private, U.S. Marine Corps
Service # 361714
United States Marine Corps
Entered the Service from: Georgia
Died: 1-Nov-42
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery
Manila, Philippines
Awards: Purple Heart

Submitted by Alix (Diane) Hall: August 2007:

My uncle is  Private William Bryson Hall.  His marker is at Arlington as his body was never recovered from where he fell during World War II.

He ws born and raised in Georgia, and was killed while serving with the United States Marine Corps on Guadalcanal at the age of 17.

My father's (Ohio Columbus Hall) mother died when he was young and his older brother raised all the children after she died. Uncle Billy was a half-brother. As a boy, he walked to the lawyer in town and announced that he wished to change his name to Hall so it could be the same as Uncle Sidney who was raising him after their mother died.  This was his own idea. This speaks to his character.

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