William Edward Horton – Brigadier General, United States Army

Brigadier General William Edward Horton (1868-1935)

Born in Washington D.C.
Advanced through grades to Colonel 1920
Brigadier General 1927
Served in Spanish-American War
Served in the Philippines 1899 & 1901-02
Served in Cuba 1906-07
Chief Quartermaster, Advance Sector, AEF
Assistant to Chief Quartermaster, AEF
Assistant to Quartermaster General of the Army (In Charge of Construction Service) 1927-29
Retired 1929
Distinguished Service Medal

William Edward Horton of the District of Columbia
Appointed from Washington, D. C., First Lieutenant, Adjutant, District of Columbia Infantry, 11 May 1898
Captain, Assistant Adjutant General of Volunteers, 12 May 1898
Honorably discharged from volunteer service, 19 June 1901
Captain, Quartermaster, United States Army, 2 February 1901

General Horton was born 28 June 1868 and died on 13 september 1935.  He was buried with full military honors in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.  His father, William E. Horton, Major, United States Army, and his mother, Josephine Julia Clarke Horton (25 April 1849-4 December 1922) are buried in an adjacent gravesite in Section 1.

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