William F. Reynolds – Confederate States of America Army

Reynolds, William F., Private, Company F, 1st (Nelligan's) Louisiana Inantry. Enlisted April 25, 1861 at New Orleans, Louisiana. Roll to June 30, 1861, Present. Rolls September 1861, to December 1861, Present. Reduced from Corporal
October 25, 1861. Rolls January 1862. to April. 1862, Present. Reduced from Sergeant, April 28. Roll May and June, 1862. Present. Rolls August 31, 1862 to January 1, 1863, Absent, wounded, battle of Manassas. August 30. 1862. Rolls January, 1863 to February 1864, Present. Re-enlisted for the war, February 21, 1864. Roll March 1 to August 31, 1864, dated November 1, 1864 (last Roll on which borne). Absent, captured by the enemy, May 12, 1864, Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured May 9, 1864, Spottsylvania Court House. On hospital register, admitted May 16, 1864, to Lincoln, U. S., General Hospital,  Washington, D. C. Died June 17, 1864. Born New York, occupation caulker, Residence New Orleans, Lousiana, age when enlisted 20, single. Note: Buried in Arlington Cemetery, near Wash., D. C. Shows on printed list of dead as W. F. Reynolds, Co. F, 1st La. Infantry.


  • F 1ST LA


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