Welborn Griffin Dolvin – Lieutenant General, United States Army

Lieutenant General Welborn Griffin Dolvin
Born February 8, 1916 in Siloam, Georgia
Died May 17, 1991 in Stevensville, Virginia

Cadet, U. S. Military Academy 1935-39
Graduated as No. 11582, Class of 1939

Second Lieutenant 1939
First Lieutenant (AUS) 1940
Captain (AUS) 1942
First Lieutenant 1942
Major (AUS) 1942
Lieutenant Colonel (AUS) 1944
Captain 1948
Major 1951
Colonel (AUS) 1951
Brigadier General 1961
Major General 1963
Lieutenant General 1971

Served with 67th Infantry Regiment 1939-41
Company Commander, 756th Tank Battalion 1941-42
S2/S3 & Battalion Executive Officer at Ft. Lewis 1942-43
Commanding Officer, 191st Tank Battalion 1944-46
Chief, Armored Group, Tactical Section, Infantry School 1946-49
Student, Command & General Staff School 1949-50
Commanding Officer, 89th Tank Battalion 1950-51
Chief of Staff, 25th Infantry Division 1951
Served with Office of the Chief of Research & Development, US.Army 1951-53
Student, Army War College 1953-54
Staff & Faculty Member, The Artillery School 1954-56
Served with Office of the Chief of Research & Development, US.Army 1956-59
Commander, Combat Command “C”, 4th Armored Division 1959-61
Assistant Chief of Staff G-3 (Plans & Operations), Allied Land Forces, Central Europe (NATO) 1961-63
Program Manager, Tank Development Program 1963-66
Commanding General, 3rd Armored Division 1966-68
Chief of Staff, Central Army Group (NATO) 1968-70
Special Assistant to Commander, US. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam 1970
Chief of Staff, US. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam 1970-71
Commanding General, XXIV Corps, Vietnam 1971-72
Commanding General, IX Corps/US.Army, Japan 1972-75
Retired 1975
DoD Representative to Panama Canal Treaty Negotiations 1975-82
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Representative to Mutual Balanced Force Reduction Negotiations 1980-82
Distinguished Service Cross – Silver Star (Four) – Legion of Merit (Two) – Bronze Star Medal – Air Medal – Purple Heart (Three) – Distinguished Service Medal(Three)

Welborn Griffin Dolvin, Lieutenant General, United States Army, was born in 1916 and died in 1991.  He was a 1939 graduate of the United States Military Academy.

General Dolvin is buried in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.

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