William R. King – Confederate States of America Army

By Gary King

I just discovered that my great-great-great-grandfather was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  I was there this past July 14, and today discovered your website with essentially the same photo of his headstone.  What a treasure.  Your website indicated you wished info on him, so here it is.

First, I have his name as William R. King rather than the William G. King listed in the Arlington files and headstone.  Other than that, all details are the same.

William R. King was born about 1835 (per 28th Virginia Infantry records).  He enlisted March 8, 1862, in Buchanan, Botetourt County, Virginina, in Company K under Captain P. Gilmore Breckenridge, 28th Regiment of the Virginia Infantry and was paid a $50 bounty for enlistment.  His first (and apparent last) engagement was at Williamsburg (May 5, 1862) where he was wounded and reported in the Union Hospital Number 3, Williamsburg, Virginia, on May 10, 1862. He was admitted to Cliffburne USA General Hospital, Washington, D.C. on May 17, 1862, and was reported as died on May 18, 1862 at same of vuln sclopeticum (gunshot wound).

William R. King married Margaret Ann Bean 10 October, 1852, in Botetourt County, Virginia.  They had 3 sons (maybe 4) between 1853 and 1856, John W. King, Irving W. King and Thomas Daniel King.

I am currently looking to determine where he may have been initially buried since he died two years before Arlington became a cemetery. I surmise that he was buried at a cemetery near Cliffburne (site of the current National Zoo) and then moved to Arlington 1900-1901 after Congress authorized an area for the Confederate dead, but that is another story.

Thank you for the opportunity to add to your website.

Gary King

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  • DATE OF DEATH: 05/19/1862


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