White Crosses

My knees sink deep in sodden turf
beside a white-washed cross,
as I wonder, all amazed
at your sacrifice and loss

Not just for me, young soldier, did you die,
but for a nation, to be whole and free –
Indeed, for all the world to see,
what freedom can do and be.

My heart’s in sorrow wrung
to gaze upon the crosses white
standing tall-both near and far
aglow with warmth and light

Strangers, we, you soldiers brave
I know not you-you know not me,
But in my mind, a boyish grin I see
and her, a shy and girlish gleam

To the “HEART” of each, no strangers, we
Brave and strong, their hearts did beat
within, this land of patriot dream
in pride, in love of home and family

But alas, to save this land, this sacred land
that we, in gratitude, may have,
you gave your life-eternal gift,
— and now your cross here stands

Each cross a life, cut short at prime
your gift to keep us free
To follow dreams
we couldn’t have dreamed,
save for you, your lives,
now, a mist in time’s eternity

No words can ever “thank you” say
So we’ll do our best to honor you–
Through lives lived well in freedom’s land
Your loss-our gain, the honor yours, forever claimed

You’ve passed the torch on down to us
along with freedom’s, joyous cry
The torch, we’ll carry, you can trust
We’ll carry it, even if called to die

To the young —to the old,
to each and all, a bell now tolls
that Freedom rings–it’s loud and clear
Listen— and you will hear

Freedom rings, white crosses gleam
Oh say, can you see,
the waving flag unfurled
The sacred red,
the white, the blue
Old Glory, forever, reign supreme!

A tribute to our soldiers in response to visiting Arlington Cemetery.
Overwelming emotion overtook me at seeing the price paid for our/my liberty
and freedom and I had to speak to the many who there lay.
God bless the many souls who gave their all.  God Bless America!
February, 2003 by Carolyn White

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