Wilfred James McNeil – Rear Admiral, United States Navy

Wilfred James McNeil, Rear Admiral, United States Navy. Born at Boone, Iowa, February 21, 1901, he was educated in the public schools. He married Olga Harris, December 6, 1919. Their children are Wilfred James, Edwin E, Olga Patricia.

He worked as a cashier, Bank of Searsboro. Iowa, 1920-23. Was President, First State Bank, Brandon, Colorado, 1923-26. Distributor, Nash Motors, North Central Iowa, with headquarters at Ames, Iowa, 1926-30. Promotion and distribution, Des Moines Register and Tribune Company, 1930-34.  Country Division Manager, Eugene Meyer and Company, Washington, D.C., Post, 1934-38, Country and City Circulation Manager, 1938-41.  Fiscal Director (civilian) United States Navy, 1945-47. Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, 1947-49.  Assistant Secretary of Defense and Comptroller, Defense Dept, 1949-59.  President, Grace Line, Inc., 1950-67, Gulf and South American Steamship Company, 1959-67. Director, Fairchild Industries, Tipperary Corporation. Member of advisory board, Chemical Bank, New York, 1965-72.  Chairman, Commerce American Steamship Lines, 1963-64.

Board of Advisers, United States Merchant Marine Academy, 1969-73. President, Tax Foundation Trustee, Webb Institute, 1965-74.  United States Naval Academy Foundation.

Served with United States Naval Reserve Forces, 1918-20, to Rear Admiral, United States Navy Reserve,  1941-45.  Decorated with El Merito (Ecuador), Gran Odicial Orden del Sol (Peru), Legion of Merit, Civilian Distinguished Service Medal (USN and Defense Department).

Member: United States Navy League. Republican. Died: August 30, 1979.  Buried in Section 30 of Arlington National Cemetery.

Wilfred James McNeil, Jr., Commander, United States Navy. In memorian. Name on father's stone. October 1920-May 1959.

E. Evan McNeil, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force (April 1934-October 2002) is also buried in this gravestie

wjmcneil-photo-usgU. S. Government Photo

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