William Lindsey Flake – Brigadier General, United States Marine Corps

From a contempoary press report

William Lindsey Flake, 83, a retired Marine Corps Brigadier General, died of congestive heart disease and hypertension October 22, 2003, at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

General Flake was born in Snowflake, Arizona, a town co-founded by his grandfather, William Jordan Flake, and Erastus Snow. He graduated from the University of Arizona and enlisted in the Marine Corps. When his time was up, he reenlisted in the Reserve Officer Candidate School. In 1942, he joined a guerrilla force known as the Raiders, which operated for two years during World War II in the South Pacific.

After the war ended, General Flake remained with the Marines in various locations, including Korea and Japan. He was first a student and then a lecturer at the Industrial War College, and he received a master's degree in business administration from George Washington University in the mid-1960s.

He lived in Silver Spring, Alexandria and Quantico for more than 30 years. After he left the service, in 1971, he was a management consultant specializing in the textile industry. The family moved to Las Vegas in 1988 and later moved to New Mexico.

Survivors include his wife of 60 years, Mary Flake of Albuquerque; three children, Linda Ransom of Albuquerque, Marcia Uhl of Blaine, Tennessee, and David Flake of Summerville, South Carolina; a brother; a sister; and three grandchildren.


Passed away on October 22, 2003. He was a member of the 6th ROC and the 4th Marine Raider Battalion. Burial service at the Old Chapel, Arlington National Cemetery at 9 a.m. on November 26, 2003.

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