William Lemuel Mitchell – Major General, United States Army

General Mitchell, a 1920 graduate of the United States Military Academy, is buried in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.  Research about him continues.

General Secretary of the International Military Tribunal following World War II.

Major General William Lemuel Mitchell

Born in Mandeville, Louisiana, December 6, 1897
Died in Washington D.C. February 10, 1974

Cadet U.S. Military Academy 1918-20
Graduated USMA as No. 6772 Class of 1920

Second Lieutenant 1920
First Lieutenant 1925
Captain 1934
Major 1940
Lieutenant Colonel (Army of the United States) 1941
Colonel (Army of the United States) 1942
Lieutenant Colonel  (United States Army) 1943
Brigadier General (Army of the United States) 1945
Brigadier General (United States Army) 1948
Major General (United States Army) 1953

Aide-de-Camp to Major General William Lassiter 1922-24
Assistant Professor (Military Science & Tactics), Louisiana State University 1927-32
Student, Infantry School 1932-33
Company Commander, 66th Infantry Regiment 1933-35
Adjutant & Regimental S-2, 66th Infantry Regiment 1935-36
Student, Command & General Staff School 1936-37
Aide-de-Camp to Major General John M. Hughes 1937-39
Regimental S-4, 66th Armor Regiment 1940
Commanding Officer, 3rd Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment 1940-41
Assistant to Assistant Chief of Staff (Supply), General Headquarters US.Army 1941-42
Secretary of the General Staff, Army Ground Forces 1942-43
Deputy Chief of Staff, Army Ground Forces 1943-45
Secretary, International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg 1945-46
Served with Personnel & Administrative Division, Headquarters Army Ground Forces 1946
Served with Regular Army Integration Board 1946-47
Executive G-1 (Personnel) Division, Army Ground Forces 1947
Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff G-3 (Operations), General Headquarters Far East Command 1948-49
Chief of Civil History Section, General Headquarters Far East Command 1949-51
Deputy Commanding General, IX Corps 1951
Assistant Division Commander, 25th Infantry Division 1951-52
Assistant Division Commander, 5th Armored Division 1952-53
Commanding General, 5th Armored Division 1953-55
Retired October 31st, 1955

Silver Star
Legion of Merit (two)
Bronze Star Medal



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