William O. Bonsall – Major, United States Marine Corps

William O. Bonsall was born August 24, 1929 in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, the oldest of three children (one brother and one sister). He attended Ridley Park High School and graduated from Temple University in 1951 with a degree in Education.

He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1951.  He was married to Alice Cavanaugh ( also a Temple graduate) on September 1, 1951. He attended Naval Flight School at Pensacola, Florida, where I was born, the oldest of seven children.

Major Bonsall was involved in the conflict in Korea, and we were stationed in many different locations, the last being El Toro, California (I don't have the squadron he was with, but the mascot at that time was the bulldog — this was prior to it becoming the corps mascot). He was sent to Okinawa in March 1963.  I have many pictures of his tour and the volunteer time he spent at local Japanese orphanages while on his tour there.

His plane and one other went down together on July 5, 1963 on a mountain in Japan.  He was subsequently buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

I appreciate the opportunity to get this info to you.  If more specific information is needed, please let me know what you need. If I don't know, I can find the information. Thank you again for your site and the opportunity to have my father remembered there.

Faith Bonsall

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