William R. Sharp, Jr. – Major General, United States Army

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Major General William R. Sharp, Jr., former commander of the New Jersey National Guard, died Sunday at the Mercer Medical Center in Trenton.

General Sharp was appointed commander of the Guard and Chief of Staff of the State Department of Defense in 1970 and remained in the post until 1973.

As Chief of Staff, he initiated a number of programs to get guardsmen out of the armories and into the local communities.  These included establishment of various summer camps at National Guard facilities.

He was born in Lawrence Township, New Jersey.  During World War II he ws sent overseas as a Second Lieutenant assigned to the Army's 102nd Cavalry.  He took part in the landing at Omaha Beach during the invasion of Normandy and in December 1944 was promoted to Major.

He is survived by a son, Captain Roger Sharp of Williams Air For Base in Chandler, Arizona; two daughters, Penny Hawkey of New York and Holly Platte of Colorado; a sister, Doris Runyan of Virginia, and seven grandchildren.

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