William Turner Schenck – First Lieutenant, United States Army

Born on December 21, 1872, he was serving with the 25th United States Infantry in the Philippine Insurrection when he was killed-in-action near Subic, Philippine Islands, on January 29, 1900.

His body was returned to the United States for burial in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.

William Turner Schenck of Maryland

Private, Corporal and Sergeant, 1st United States Cavalry, 25 November 1891 to 1 November 1894
Second Lieutenant, 10th United States Infantry, 31 October 1894
First Lieutenant, 25th United States Infantry, 30 June 1898
Killed 29 January 1900 in action near Subic, Philippine Islands

Schenck Hall, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, No. 231 Doniphan Avenue, in honor of First Lieutenant William T. Schenck, 25th Infantry, Class of 1899, Infantry and Cavalry School. Killed in action January 29, 1900, near Subic, Luzon, Philippine Islands.

WASHINGTON, February 1, 1900 – First Lieutenant William T. Schenck of the Twenty-fifth Infantry was born in Baltimore, Maryland, December 21, 1872, and served as Private, Corporal, and Sergeant of the First Cavalry from November 1891 to November 1894 when he was appointed Second Lietuenant of the Tenth Infantry. In April 1898 he was orderd to Tampa, Floria, and participated in the Cuban Expedition, which resulted in the caputre of Santiago.  In June last he accompanied the Twenty-fifth Infantry to the Philippines and served with it up to the time of his death.  He was appointed First Lieutenant June 30, 1898, and was recommended for brevet for “personal gallantry in battle and siegeof Santiagoand for exhinition of iron fortitudeand endurance.”

He was killed near Luzon, Philippine Islands, 20 January 1900.

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