Wilton Stroud Pyle – Second Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps


Wilton Stroud Pyle was born on April 6, 1946 and joined the Armed Forces while in Morris, Connecticut.

He served in the United States Marine Corps.  In two years of service, he attained the rank of Second Lieutenant.
On May 29, 1969, at the age of 23, Wilton Stroud Pyle perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Quang Tri.

Lieutenant Pyle was my platoon leader with hotel 2/3 3rd marine Division, Quang Tri.

Lieuenant Pyle had his moments, especially being a Marine named Pyle, but he took everything in stride. I guess my memories of him are limited to our times at Con Tien and Dong Ha Mt.

I do remember a night patrol out of Con Tien where we encountered a rather uneasy time that involved some bad guys. We were working with a dog team and found a trip wire and plenty of movement. We radioed the CP and Lieutenant Pyle, once apprised of the sit rep, told us to hit the brown line and abort patrol. We very gladly agreed because the situation was not in our favor as it stood. We literally raced the dog down the brown line to the perimeter. Lieutenant Pyle met us at the entrance and after the debrief ordered artillery to blast the enemey's position.

He was young and eager but he also had that savy that was needed to lead young and eager Marines and Corpsmen like myself. I was wounded on 12 may 1969 so I wasn't there when he passed but I saw his name along with others I knew in the Stars and Stripes Newspaper while I laid in my bed safe in Guam. I guess like all Marines and vets of all ilks and wars, I worried about the ones who we left in harms way. I do know that the men of hotel 2/3 fought together and died together and I know W. S. Pyle did not die alone and know my fellow corpsmen did their best to save his life. Richard edwards HM2/USN

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