William White Dick, Jr. – Lieutenant General, United States Army

Dick, William W. Jr

Born: 8 February 1910, Died: 8 May 1996
US Army, Lieutenant General
Residence: Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Section 7, Grave 8339-RH, buried 17 May 1996

1996 William W. Dick Jr., commanding general of allied land forces in Southern Europe, died at age 86.

Lieutenant General William W.Dick, Jr., Chief of Research and Development of the Department of the Army.

Lieutenant General William White Dick Jr.
February 8th, 1910 – May 8th, 1996
Born in Alabama
Cadet United States Military Academy, 1927-31.
Graduated as No. 9077, Class of 1931

  • Second Lieutenant 1931
  • First Lieutenant 1935
  • Captain 1940 (AUS)
  • Captain 1941
  • Major (AUS) 1942
  • Lieutenant Colonel (AUS) 1942
  • Colonel (AUS) 1943 – Terminated 1947
  • Lieutenant Colonel 1948
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Major General 1954
  • Lieutenant General 1962

Served with 6th Field Artillery 1931-34
Student Officer, Field Artillery School 1934-35
Served with 11th Field Artillery 1935-37
Instructor (Dept. of Chemistry & Electricity), U.S. Military Academy 1937-41
Battery Commander, 8th Field Artillery 1941
S-3, 8th Field Artillery Brigade 1941-42
S-3, 25th Infantry Division Artillery 1942
Commanding Officer, 8th Field Artillery Battalion 1942-43
Assistant Chief of Staff G-2 (Intelligence), 25th Infantry Division 1943
Acting Chief of Staff, 25th Infantry Division 1943
Chief of Staff, 25th Infantry Division 1943-44
Executive Officer, 25th Infantry Division Artillery 1944-45
Served with G-1 (Personnel) Section, War Departement 1946
Representative Military Personnel Management Group 1946-49
Served with G-1 (Personnel) Section, General Headquarters, Far East Command 1949-50
Executive Officer, 25th Infantry Division Artillery 1950-51
Served with Office of G-1 (Personnel), Army General Staff 1951-53
Artillery Commander, 31st Infantry Division1953-54
Chief of Staff & Artillery Commander, 7th US.Army 1954-56
Army Representative, Joint Task Force-7, 1956-58
Director of Special Weapons, Departement of the Army 1958-60
Deputy Chief of Research & Development, US.Army 1960-61
Commanding General, 3rd Infantry Division 1961-62
Commanding General, Army Air Defense Command 1962-63
Chief of Research & Development, US.Army 1963-66
Commanding General, Allied Land Forces, Southeastern Europe 1966-68
Retired 1968
Senior Military Adviser, Lockheed Aircraft Corp. 1968-71
Legion of Merit (3) – Bronze Star Medal – Distinguished Service Medal (2)

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