William Wailer Edwards – Colonel, United States Army

William Wailer Edwards was born on 20 February 1878 in Missouri.  He was appointed from Missouri, Cadet, United States Military Academy, 28 August 1898, and graduated on 12 June 1902.  On graduation he was assigned as a Second Lietuenant, 10th U.S. Cavalry.

Served at Fort Robinon, Nebraska, from 30 September 1902 to 4 October 1903, when the Troop left for Maneuver Camp at Fort Riley, Kansas, returning to station 11 November 1903.  On leave, 28 August to 28 October 1904.  Left Fort Robinson with the Troop, 15 July 1906, for Maneuver Camp at Islay, Wyoming.  On leave from 1 September to 28 October 1906.

In the field against Ute Indians in Montana, November 1906.  Left Fort Robinson, 31 May 1907, for San Francisco, California, where the Troop embarked for the Philippines, 5 June 1907.  En route to the Philippines, 5 June to 5 July 1907.  At Camp Wallave, Union, Philippines, 5 July 1907 to 16 May 1909.  En route to the United States via the Suez Canal, to 25 July 1909.  At Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont, 28 July 1909.

First Lieutenant, 10th U. S. Cavalry, 11 March 1911.

7 December 1912, participated in Boston Maneuvers.  Pine Camp, New York, Maneuvers in 1910 and connecticut Maeuvers in 1912.  On leave of absence, 4 July to 4 September 1911.  At Fort Slocum, New York, on recruiting duty, 7 December 1912 to 7 December 1915 (in charge of the General Recruit Mess for about two years, 1914-1915).  On leave of absence, 7 December 1915 to 7 Debruary 1916, when he joined Troop B, 12th U. S. Cavalry, at Mercedes, Texas.  En route with the 12th Cavalry from Galveston, Texas, to Panama, 23 February to 1 March 1916.  At Corozel, Canal Zone, with troop, 2 March 1916 to Captain of Cavalry, 1 July 1916.

Major, Temporary, of Cavalry, 5 August 1917.  Major of Infantry, National Army, 5 Augut 1917.

31 August 1917 participated in maneuvers at Chorerra, Panama, in May 1916, and in several marches into the Panamanian Provinces.  At Camp Lee, Virginia, with Depot Brigade, September-October 1917.  At Camp Upton, NewYork, with the 367th Infantry, 92nd Division, an commanding 1st Squadron, 310th Cavalry, 23 February to 11 August 1918.

Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry, United States Army, 30 July1 918.

Aappointed Divisional Machine Gun Officer, 16th Division, August 1918; at Camp Hancock, Georgia, Machine Gun Training Center, for Instruction, 7 September to 26 October 1918. At Washington, D.C., taking Staff Officer’s Course at Army War College, 7 November to 12 December 1918. Sick and on leave of absence to 3 January 1919; at Camp Kearny, California, Divisional Machine Gun Officer, 16th Division, and special Inspector, to 1 April; at Douglas, Arizona, Lieutenant Colonel, 1st Cavalry, to 10 April; District Adjutant, District of Arizona, to 20 June. En route to France and on tour of American battlefields to 1 August; at St. Sulpice, France, Chief of Staff, Base Section No. 2, 3 August to 1 October; at Paris, commanding Clichy Motor Park, to 1 December; en route to U. S. to 25 December 1919; on leave of absence to 20 February 1920; at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming, Lieutenant Colonel, 15th Cavalry, to 15 March.

Returned to Grade of Captain, 15 March 15, 1920.

Commanding troop, March 18 to May 17; Post Adjutant, Personnel Adjutant, Intelligence Officer and Recruiting Officer, May 17, 1920, to Major of Cavalry, July 1, 1920.

December 1920; at Gary, Indiana, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Gary High Schools, December 1920 to June 1924; (Summers of 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924 on duty at the summer training camps, Camp Knox, Kentucky – summer of 1921 Reserve Officers Training Corps and Citizens Military Training Camp; summers of 1922, 1923 and 1924 Citizens Military Training Camp Infantry and Cavalry); at Fort Riley, Kansas, student officer, Advance Course, Cavalry School, August 1924, to Colonel, Cavalry, 1 September 1924,  June 1925, when he was graduated; at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, student officer, The Command and General Staff School, August 1925, to Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry, 5 September 1925.

June 1926, when he was graduated; placed on General Staff Corps Eligible List; at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming, active officer, Fourth Cavalry, July 1926, to December 1927; at Des Moines, Iowa, with Iowa Cavalry National Guard, December 1927 to December 1928; at Denver, Colorado, Assistant Chief of Staff of 103rd Division, 3 December 1928, to 27 November 1933; at Denver, Colorado, Chief of Staff, 103rd Division, to 30 July 1934; at Chicago, Illinois, Recruiting Officer and comdg. Detachment of enlisted men (RS), to Colonel, Cavalry, 1 September 1934.

June 19, 1939; (additional duty, with O.R., 6th C.A., July 31, 1938 to June 19, 1939); at Hot Springs, Arkansas, absent sick, A.& N. G.H., to Oct. 8, 1939; Colonel, Retired, 31 October for disability in Line of Duty.

Civil History: Member of Citizens Association, Chevy Chase, D.C.; Member of Sons of the Revolution, D.C.
Died, 22 February 1960, at Walter Reed Army Hospital Washington, D.C., age 82


  • DATE OF BIRTH: 02/20/1878
  • DATE OF DEATH: 02/22/1960
  • DATE OF INTERMENT: 02/25/1960

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