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Sad – the loss of a loved one

We had a death in our church family on Sunday. 18 year old Private Cheyenne Seymour, daughter of Alan and Mary Seymour, died in a car accident in Tennessee. She was on her way to see her fiance. She was only 18.  This Saturday was to be her wedding and now it is the date of her funeral.

Cheyenne was a beautiful girl.  A bit ditzy, but I think that was just an act to get the boys to notice her more. She really didn’t need to do that, as her inner and outer beauty took care of that for her.  Chey got a long with everybody. She had that type of personality. You were just drawn to her.

I remember she used to bite her fingernails, as I did at her age. One day she asked me if I would do her nails for her, adding the acrylics to then, so she could try to not bite them anymore. As I sat there at her home, she promised me that in exchange she would babysit the boys for me whenever I needed her to. I never had the opportunity to take her up on that offer.

About 2 years ago the church I go to had a ladies conference to go to. Cheyanne and I sat together and just hung out together. Just like sisters would. We joked around and softly giggled when it really wasn’t appropriate to do so. I told her that I was going to take her out one night to go dancing once she turned 18. I didn’t get a chance to do that either.

Cheyenne’s mom, Mary, was a teenage mom, having Chey when she was only 17.  I used to tell Cheyenne not to get pregnant so young because she knew how hard it was for her mom.  She used to answer back to me that she didn’t want kids.  Now she will never have the opportunity to experience motherhood for herself.

I don’t understand why these horrible things have to happen.  Here was a girl who was brought up in a christian household, new the bible verses by heart, was a good girl.  Why did something like this have to happen to such wonderful people?  When there are so many scumbags out there who don’t have anything positive to say or do, why do they get to stay alive?  Then you have good christian church going people whose lives have been shattered by the loss of their daughter in such a horrible accident. Chey was eventually to be in Iraq and I think that if she were killed in the line of duty, across seas, it would have been a bit easier to handle. But no. It had to happen like this.

She had no time to react. Thats what the reports say.  The truck on I-65 that was in front of her suddenly came to a complete stop, giving Cheyenne no time to hit the brakes. No time to react. And I can only pray, no time to know what was about to happen. God, I hope she had no pain. I hope she didn’t suffer. Not Cheyenne.

I can’t even imagine what Alan and Mary are going through. I never want to feel that pain. And yet in some strange way, I do. I am so saddened, so distraught, stomach sick, from all of this. Why did this have to happen?  Why Cheyenne? But the way God is, he had a reason.  One that we will never, ever know. He would want me to ask, why NOT Cheyenne? Apparently she had finished what her whole reason for being on this earth was. God called her home.  Home to a place where there is no pain. Home to eturnal life with Jesus. And as much as I know all of this, as much as I believe in the etural life, it is still so very hard for me to understand.  My heart aches with sadness.

Cheyenne will be buried in Arlington National Cemetary with full Military honors. Calling hours are this Thursday night and the funeral service on Saturday, the day she would have been married.  She was only 18.

God Speed Cheyenne. We love you!

29 June 2005:
Trumbull soldier dies in Tenn. crash

TRUMBULL, CONNECTICUT — Army Private Cheyenne Seymour, a town resident who graduated from Trumbull High School last year, was killed Sunday in a car accident in Tennessee.

Seymour, 18, joined the Army after graduation. Funeral services will take place this weekend.

She was driving on Interstate 65 in Nashville, Tennessee, around 3:30 a.m. when her car hit another vehicle that had stopped for highway construction, officials said.

Seymour was a supply clerk of the 102nd Quartermaster Petroleum Supply Company stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

“This was a motor vehicle accident, but we are treating it the same as if she was killed in action and we are working with her family,” said Lieutenant Colonel John Whitford, director of communications for the Connecticut National Guard.

Seymour was one of four Trumbull High graduates singled out during 2004  commencement ceremonies by Principal Gary Cialfi for joining the armed services. A relative who answered the telephone at the family home Wednesday declined to comment.

“It’s devastating to lose a child, not to mention one who was committed to the safety of our country,” said Board of Education Vice Chairwoman Donna Cassidy, whose youngest son graduated this month from Trumbull High with Cheyenne Seymour’s brother, Joshua.

“Military service runs in their family,” Cassidy said. “They are very dedicated and she was very serious about this.”

Joshua Seymour also plans to enter the military.

Cheyenne Seymour was engaged to be married to Kyle Ratliff of Dalton, Georgia.

Funeral services will take place at 11 a.m. Saturday at Long Hill Baptist Church, 100 Middlebrooks Ave.

Seymour will be buried July 6, 2005, with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Cheyenne Marietta Seymour Memorial Fund, c/o Long Hill Baptist Church, 100 Middlebrooks Ave., Trumbull, Connecticut 06611.

June 29, 2005:

A Connecticut service woman has been killed in a traffic accident in Tennessee.

18-year-old Private Cheyenne Seymour of Trumbull died in Nashville on Sunday.

She was driving on I-65 and struck a vehicle that was stopped in front of her during highway construction.

Seymour was an Army supply clerk with the 102nd Quartermaster Petroleum Supply Company stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Church services will be held on Saturday at 11 a.m. at Long Hill Baptist Church in Trumbull. A gravesite service will be held at Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday July 6, 2005.

Investigation continues in fatal crash
Unknown if Fort Campbell soldier was driving or passenger in car

Nashville Metro Police are still investigating the death of an 18-year-old 101st Airborne Division soldier killed in a wreck on I-65 early Sunday.

Private Cheyenne Seymour, a native of Trumble, Connecticut, was traveling in a vehicle when it crashed into a stalled van near Trinity Lane in Nashville around 3:30 a.m., according to post officials. It is unknown if Seymour was driving or a passenger in the vehicle.

She was assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 561st Corps Support Battalion, 101st Sustainment Brigade.

Brigade public affairs spokeswoman Sergeant Rachel Brune said Seymour was a supply specialist and had arrived at her Fort Campbell unit in February. She entered the Army in July 2004 and would have been headed to Iraq sometime this year.

“Just the fact she was one of our soldiers, this is definitely a tragic event and our condolences go out to the family,” Brune said.

Seymour was not married and her mother, Mary Seymour, was listed as next of kin.

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