Frank Taylor – Brigadier General, United States Army

Frank Taylor of Iowa
Private and Sergeant, General Service, 24 October 1860 to 1 April 1863
Second Lieutenant, 2nd United States Infantry, 29 October 1867
Unassigned 17 April 1869
Assigned to the 14th United States Infantry, 31 July 1869
First Lieutenant, 25 February 1876
Captain, 23 March 1892
Transferred to the 8th United States Infantry, 17 April 1900
Major, 14th United States Infantry, 9 October 1900

Frank Taylor (1842-1920) subsequently attained the rank of Brigadier General, United States Army.  On his death, he was buried in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.  His wife, Laura Virginia Beardsley Taylor (1842-1913) is buried with him.

Brigadier General Frank Taylor (1842-1920)
He was born in Calais (France) April 29th, 1842
Died May 20th, 1920
Educated in France and England.
Promoted Lieutenant Colonel August 13, 1903
Promoted Brigadier General April 9, 1905
Retired April 10, 1905
Served with 19th Infantry Regiment 1903-05


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