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George Bowditch Hunter
Brigadier General, United States Army
Wyoming State Flag
Courtesy of Michael Stein:

George Bowditch Hunter, Brigadier General U.S. Army
Born in Fort Fetterman, Wyoming September 26, 1879
Died September 11, 1965

Son of Brigadier General George King & Mary Elizabeth (Hinman) Hunter Married Reba Ballou July 19, 1912 (1 son George Bowditch) Married (2nd) Opal Phelps July 14, 1937

Cadet U.S. Military Academy 1900-04
Graduated as No. 4245, Class of 1904
Second Lieutenant 1904
First Lieutenant 1911
Captain 1916
Major (Temporary) 1917
Lieutenant Colonel (Temporary) 1918
Captain 1920
Major 1920
Lieutenant Colonel 1928
Colonel 1935
Brigadier General 1942

Served with 12th Cavalry 1904-11
Served in the Philippines 1904-05 & 1909-11
Served at Fort Oglethorpe 1905-09
Served with 13th Cavalry 1911
Instructor, U.S. Military Academy 1911-12
Served with 13th Cavalry on Mexican border 1912-15
Student, Mounted Service School 1915-16
Served with Punitive Expedition into Mexico 1916 & 1917
On leave of absence 1916-17
Served with 13th Cavalry Regiment 1917
Served with Aviation Section, Signal Corps 1917
Commandant, School of Military Aeronautics, University of California 1917-18 Served in Office of Director of Military Aeronautics 1918-19 Served in Office of Director of Air Service 1919 Cavalry Representative in Technical Staff, Ordnance Department 1919-20 Served with Office of Chief of Cavalry 1920-22 Student, Cavalry School 1922 Student, Command & General Staff School 1922-23 Assistant Chief of Staff, 1st Cavalry Division 1923 Instructor, Field Artillery School 1923-24 Assistant Chief of Staff, 1st Cavalry Division 1924-25 Student, Army War College 1925-26 Instructor, Army War College 1926-30 Commanding Officer, Special Troops, 1st Cavalry Division 1930-32 Assistant Chief of Staff G-4 (Materiel), 9th Corps Area 1932-36 Assistant Chief of Staff G-4 (Materiel), 4th Army 1935-36 Director of G4 (Materiel) Division, Army War College 1936-40 Executive for OR of the states of La., Miss. & Ala., 4th Corps Area 1940-41 Commanding General, New Orleans Port of Embarkation 1941-43 Ret. December 23, 1943.

George Bowditch Hunter was born in 1879 and died in 1965.  We was buried with full military honors in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery. His wife, Opal Phelps Hunter (1904-1977) is buried with him.

DATE OF BIRTH: 09/26/1879
DATE OF DEATH: 09/11/1965

 General Hunter was the son of George King Hunter, Brigadier General, United States Army.  They are buried adjacent to one another in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery.  Research continues.

Posted: 25 December 2004  Updated: 30 January 2005 Updated: 20 November 2005
USMilitary Academy (West Point) SEAL

GB Hunter Gravesite PHOTO December 20040
Photo By M. R. Patterson, 3 December 2004