Lovell K. Reynolds – Lieutenant, United States Navy

Lieutenant Lovell K. Reynolds, United States Navy (January 31, 1857-February 16, 1893).

He is the son of Robert M. Reynolds, Captain, United States Army, and the grandson of Major General Joseph Jones Reynolds.  He is buried with his father and adjacent to his grandfather in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.

WASHINGTON, February 17, 1893 – Lieutenant Lovell K. Reynolds died in Washington yesterday from the effects of injuries received when he was run over by a horse car the day before.  He was appointed to the Naval Academy from Alabama, was graduated in 1871, and attained his rank of senior Lieutenant in 1891.  He was attached to the Coast Survey Steamer Eudeavor.


The six survivors of the U.S. Army's Greely Arctic expedition with their U.S. Navy rescuers, at Upernavik, Greenland, 2-3 July 1884. Probably photographed on board USS Thetis.
Those present are (as numbered on the original print):
1. Commander Winfield S. Schley, USN, commanding officer, Greely Relief Expedition, and of USS Thetis;
2. Lieutenant William H. Emory, Jr., commanding officer of USS Bear;
3. Commander George W. Coffin, USN, commanding officer of Steamer Alert;
4. Lieutenant Emory H. Taunt, USN, Thetis;
5. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Samuel C. Lemly, USN, Thetis;
6. Lieutenant Freeman H. Crosby, USN, Bear;
7. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) John C. Colwell, USN, Bear;
8. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Nathaniel R. Usher, USN, Bear;
9. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Charles J. Badger, USN, Alert;
10. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Henry J. Hunt, USN, Alert;
11. Ensign Washington I. Chambers, USN, Thetis;
12. Ensign Charles H. Harlow, USN, Thetis;
13. Ensign Lovell K. Reynolds, USN, Bear;
14. Ensign Charles S. McClain, USN, Alert;
15. Ensign Albert A. Ackerman, USN, Alert;
16. Chief Engineer George W. Melville, USN, Thetis;
17. Chief Engineer John Lowe, USN, Bear;
18. Passed Assistant Engineer William H. Nauman, USN, Alert;
19. Passed Assistant Surgeon Edward H. Green, USN, Thetis;
20. Passed Assistant Surgeon Howard E. Ames, USN, Bear;
21. Passed Assistant Surgeon Francis S. Nash, USN, Alert;
22. First Lieutenant Adolphus W. Greely, U.S. Army;
23. Private Julius Frederick, U.S. Army;
24. Sergeant David L. Brainard, U.S. Army;
25. Private Henry Bierderbick, U.S. Army;
26. Private Maurice Connell, U.S. Army;
27. Private Francis Long, U.S. Army;
28. Lieutenant Uriel Sebree, USN, Thetis;


  • LT USN
  • DATE OF DEATH: 01/16/1893

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