Utilize Drug Testing to Spot Abuse

When fighting against a loved one’s abuse of drugs and alcohol, it’s important to take advantage of all resources at your disposal to swiftly guide your family member into a treatment program that will help them heal. Unfortunately, denial that there is a problem at all may be an obstacle to drug rehab, but drug testing can deflate the argument that drug use isn’t happening – and repeat tests can demonstrate that it’s a chronic issue. But drug testing isn’t right for every family or effective in every case. Is it a good option for your loved one?

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Evidence of Drug Abuse or Addiction

There are a number of different reasons why drug testing may be put to use, including:

  • To identify someone who may be driving while under the influence
  • To identify an employee who may be putting the safety of others in the workplace or the integrity of the employer at risk due to substance abuse
  • To identify those who may be using performance-enhancing substances while competing in their sport
  • To help a loved one admit that drug abuse is a problem
  • To help a loved one in recovery remain accountable for relapse

In each of these cases, the use of drug testing may serve to protect the health of the person struggling with substance abuse and protect the safety of those around them as well.

Drug Testing at Home

It’s not always easy to implement drug testing at home. There are limited versions of drug tests available over the counter, and these are restricted in scope. There are professional options – lab tests that can be done in order to identify the use of different substances – but these can get expensive, especially if it is necessary to test for a wide range of drugs.

Are the benefits worth the cost? In some situations, the answer is yes. If your loved one will not admit to abusing a certain substance, then it can help you to gain proof that their assertion is incorrect. However, they must submit to the drug test for this to work; in many cases, the threat of drug testing can be an effective way to help people be more honest about the struggles they’re facing and whether or not they need help.

Drug Testing at Work or School

The legality of drug testing randomly in the workplace and in schools is often up for debate. In the case of the workplace, potential employees must sign a consent form agreeing to submit to random drug testing. This is often done when the job is offered. At most schools, the practice of random drug testing is reserved for those who are play on sports teams, though many parents disagree with the practice.

Identifying Relapse in Recovery

Many recovery programs use drug testing in order to identify patients who relapse so they can provide them with effective treatment. It is a tool often utilized during inpatient treatment, outpatient care, and as a part of a thorough aftercare support program. Why? Accountability is important and if the patient doesn’t admit that relapse has occurred, it’s difficult to effectively address the threat to their ongoing sobriety and to the sobriety of others in the program.

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