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Black Bear Lodge

Black Bear Lodge is located in the pristine forest foothills of Northern Georgia. As a part of the Foundations Recovery Network, it is recognized as a gold standard for care. Black Bear Lodge offers a residential program that treats the whole person – mind body and spirit.


Michael’s House

Michael’s House opened in 1989 in Palm Springs, CA and has been serving patients and their families through comprehensive integrated treatment for over two decades.

Skywood Recovery

Located in the scenic woodlands of Augusta, Michigan, Skywood offers a serene location to focus on your recovery. We offer integrated treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and the co-occurring mental health issues that contribute to substance use and abuse.

Talbott Recovery

Talbott Recovery is our highly specialized residential and outpatient treatment center located in Memphis, Tennessee. The campus includes 10 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds with mature oak and magnolia trees, a basketball court, and a full recording studio that serves part of their music therapy program.

Proper Dual Diagnosis Treatment is Complicated

Those who suffer from dual diagnosis are not able to turn to traditional facilities for help. Most drug and alcohol rehab centers are not equipped to handle full-on psychiatric issues. Conversely, those who check into a mental health facility can not like expect to receive proper care for their addiction problems. The dual diagnosis patient requires specialized, integrated care.

Why Specialized Treatment is So Important

Dual diagnosis patients suffer from a variety of special, challenging symptoms. If these individuals do not receive help from those who know dual diagnosis best, the problems are likely to worsen over time. The reasons for this are several-fold, but most prominent is the fact that mental illness and addiction share many of the same symptoms.

How Foundations Recovery Network Centers Help

With similar symptoms coming from all directions, and the addiction aggravating the mental illness (and vice versa), it is imperative that the treatment plan is detail and organized. Foundations Recovery Network treatment centers are well known for their meticulous care. Professionals experienced in the area know how to trace which symptoms are coming from what source, and make proper assessments that help treat the patient that much faster.

Finding a Pace That’s Right for the Patient

When it comes to treating those with a Dual Diagnosis, mental illness is the “wild card” that determines the pace of the program. Those with a mental illness cannot be “confronted” about their addiction issues, and as such the process must move at a slower pace – and one that the patient feels totally comfortable with. Experts in Dual Diagnosis treatment are well-versed in finding the proper rhythm for achieving success.

Patients with Special Needs

Dual Diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment centers deal with high-risk individuals every day. Those who suffer from coexisting mental and addiction issues are more prone to violence and are more likely to attempt suicide. The staff at these centers must be well-prepared to deal with the unpredictable nature of mental illness – and how much more serious the problem becomes when trying to detoxify that same individual off of illicit substances such as drugs or alcohol.

Help for People Who Need it Most

Foundations Recovery Network facilities are built to excel where other facilities might fail when attempting to handle these challenges. On a daily basis, our expert clinicians help treat those who suffer from Dual Diagnosis issues – and provide care and counseling for their families as well. People who have sought alcohol and drug treatment elsewhere and been unsuccessful in their recovery find new life at the Foundations Recovery Network treatment centers. Operating on both coasts of the United States, these facilities provide real solutions for those at risk due to mental illness compounded with drug or alcohol addiction.

Each treatment center has its own website, along with brief introductions here. If you would like more information on any of the specific treatment centers, please feel free to call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 844-567-9906

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